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Paramount Help Guide

Placing an order with

Placing an order with Paramount Books is quick and easy. First register yourself and you will get User ID and Password. Now you can Order books online whenever, wherever you are. Once you have registered, you'll be able to:

  • Order Online Books.
  • Check your order status.  
  • History of your orders.
  • Receive a Newsletter.
  • Manage your Wish List for your future buying.
  • Quotation Request for your Bulk orders.
  • Updates of New Arrivals, Top Books and Special Offers.

Following are the simple steps you need to follow to place an order.

Login with your Account.

Login with your User ID and Password to access your account but if you are not registered with us then kindly register yourself to create an account. Click on the "Login/ Register" button at the top left side of the Screen. After you login, a panel will appear at the right side of the screen. This panel displays all the necessary features you need.

Search your Required Title.

You can search through Categories mentioned at the left side of your screen or through the Search Box at teh top of the page. When you find the title, click the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button. The Title will automatically be added to your Shopping Cart. You can add or order multiple titles.

Track your Order.

Paramount Books introducing a new feature for our online users which is very useful and fully advance. You can check the updates of your order from the website. So don’t wait for a confirmation email from Paramount. Visit website, Login with your UserID and check the status of your order online at the right side of your screen. Click the link “Track your Order”.

Out of Stock Title.

If the Title is out of stock then instead of "Add to Cart", the button "Out of Stock" will display. If you click on the "Out of Stock" button, the title will be saved to your Offline Order Cart. Our Sales Department will try to arrange your title in our all outlets and associated booksellers.

Add Items to Your Cart.

If you need a more than one quantity of a specific title than enter the require quantity in a QTY field and click the button “Update Cart”. Check your order's detail. If you need any changes, make a change and then click on the button “Check out”. 

Change in a Shipping Address.

If you wish to change the address to something other than the address saved in your registration form, make the changes in the address field and press the "Confirm Shopping" button. A Snapshot of your order will display ont eh screen. If you need to make any other changes, press the Back button and follow the step mentioned above.

Payment Method.

Paramount Books is moving to International PayPal account that’s why we have suspended our services of Credit Card E-Commerce. Just precede with a default “Cash” option. If you do not prefer Cash on Delivery then we also accept Bank Draft, Pay order, Money Order, EasyPaisa, UBL Omni, Online (Bank to Bank). For more information click on the link “How to Pay” at the top of your screen.

Shipping Process.

After an order has been processed, it takes 24-48 workign hours for the confirmation of the availability and the Freight Charges. After a a confirmation from your side, we send the Pracel to Courier Service (M&P-OCS). The Courier Boy deliver the Parcel at your destination and collect the Cash amount. Please mention the correct address and contact number.

If the Title is Out of Stock.

Ocationally when you are processing order, the title/titles you have selected fall out of stock. In this condition we send an notification of your order status through an email. Meanwhile, we will also search for the require title/titles in our all outlets/ associated booksellers in Pakistan.  

Import a Title.

We can also Import titles. Email us the Title name, ISBN and the Author name and send to

Cancel the Order.

You can cancel your order at any time. Send a email including the Web Order no. (WOP000XXX)  and send to You can not Cancel the order after it dispatche to Courier.

Quotation Request.

Quotation request is a unique feature which allows you to add title you would like to order. Click on the link “Quotation Request” at the top of yoru screen. Fill the form and Save. Our team will find the title and get back to you through the email. Please fill the correct information.

Customer Feedback.

We need your feedback to improve our services and your suggestions are always welcome. Click on teh "Customer Feedback" link at the top-right corner to provide us your suggestion.

Discount Offers.

Paramount offers discount ranging from 1% to above 90%. Click on the link “Discount Offers” at the top-right side of the screen. Select the discount and then select the category of your interest. This will filter your query. We have design our Discount Structre according to the Category.


You can Subscribe for a Free Newsletter to receive the latest updates and fasinating discount offers. Type your valid email address in Newsletter Box at the left-bottom of the screen. Fill the required fields and select the Categories of your interest. Submit the Newsletter. We will email you the list of books of your selected Categories.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. How would i Order, if i Live outside Pakistan?

You can easily order within or outside Pakistan. Login with your User ID. Select the books that you wish to order. Process your order through the same procedure mentioned above. Wait, till we will send a email to you about the Freight Charges and the online payment detail. After a confirmation of the paymetn, we will deliver books to your address. The shipping time usually takes 10-12 days.

2. Can i Track my Order Online?

You can track your order online. Login with your UserID and check the link at the right side of the the sreen "Track Your Order". Click the link which display the Web Order #, Date/Time and the Status of your order/orders. Click on the link "Show Detail" against the order you wish to check. You can even Confirm your order from the website too. Just click the link "Confirm Your Order Now" and follow the steps. A Confirmation email will be send to our Sales Department. They assure to send your order on the same day.

3. Is there is any VPP Option?

Paramount offer COD (Cash on Delivery) for all Pakistan and offer 10% discount on online purchase. The Freight Charges which are applicable which depend on the weight of the parcel.

4. How do I order a book on the behalf of someone else?

If you want to order books on the behalf of your Relative/Friend or anyone else then just change the Shipping address.

5. How will i Import a title?

If you wish to import any title/titles, email us the complete name of the Title, Author and ISBN at We will forward your query to our Import Department and they will contact you through as soon as possible.

Import rules & procedures are following.

  • You will have to pay half (50%) of total amount in advance.
  • Approximately 45 working days are needed to import.

6. How do I refer a book to my Colleagues/ Friends?

You can easily send a link of the specific title to your friend, relatives, colleagues or anyone else. At the Top Right Side of the Screen there is a link "Refer to a Friend", click on the link and enter the required information there. Enter your own name and email, followed by the name and email of the person to whom you wish to send the Link. Press the send button. An email will be sent from your side having information which you want to Share.

7. Are you giving any Discount?

Paramount Books offers discounts ranging from 1% to above 90%. Click on the Link "Discount Offers" at the right side of your screen. Select the discount you need and then click the category of your interest. It will filter your query according to your require category and discount.

8. I want to search books but only available titles. How would i do?

We have an "Advance Search" option, Click on the link at the top of your screen. Fill all the information and select a checkbox of "Only Available Stock". It will Filter your query and show only those titles which are currently available.

9. Can i make different account/User Id?

You can make as many as account you want. But keep remember all your Ids and password. We suggest you to operate with single account. We will easily track your orders and you can use your history for future reference.

10. How long it will take to get books at my doorstep?

Usually it takes 2 working days to process your order.

11. What do I do i f i need Bulk Order?

You can order as many books you can with the same procedure mentioned above. Click on the link "Quotation Request" at the Top-Right side of the screen for your bulk orders. For more information email us at

12. I represent to a School/Institute/College or Library, How would i order?

If you are a representative of any School/Institute/College or Library, kindly email us all the details of the School/Institute/College or Library that you are affiliated with and send to We will contact you as soon as possible.

13. Can i get books from your outlets?

You can get books directly from our outlets. Our Head Office is situated in Karachi, but we have branch offices situated in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Abbotabad, Multan and Faisalabad as well. We also have a network of associated booksellers across the country to ensure a smooth supply and availability of books.

14. Are there any Shipping/Delivery Charges?

The Freight Charges must apply on all titles and it depend on the weight of the Book.

15. What is the minimum amount to place an order?

You must order us above the amount of PKR 50.00.

If you need more assistance, Email us at or WhatsApp 0333-3821278

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