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This book is not meant to be a quick revision during the last days of your preparation. It is to be studied from day one along with any other textbook you prefer when you start studying Pharmacology in the third year of medicine or when you start preparing for the USMLE Step-1 or any other post-graduate examination. Mnemonics, important points and diagrams will help you to not only go through the textbook with ease but also help you memorize the information. Pharmacology is a subject that has to be revised repeatedly, otherwise critical concepts concerning drugs and medicines elude you. Go through it once with your preferred textbook, and then keep revising one chapter daily for 30-45 minutes even if you are studying some other subject. Make it a part of your routine and ultimately you will be able to revise Pharmacology in only three to four days before exams. If you follow the book the way we are suggesting, you will be able to draw the maximum benefit from it. PREFACE We started to write this short textbook when we were preparing for our post-graduate examination (USMLE). All medical students in any part of the world find pharmacology to be the toughest of subjects in medical school and when preparing for further post-graduate exams like the USMLE?s. Pharmacology gives nightmares to medical students. Therefore to simplify it for memorizing, we came up with the idea to compose the most concise pharmacology book ever for medical as well as Step-1 students. We have prepared this book with our personal experiences creating the easiest of mnemonics along with some expected clinical vignettes. The road map we followed was to make a concise list of mechanisms of action, important side effects, interactions and contraindications of common drugs, as these critical aspects of pharmacology are always hard to ace. It was an arduous effort to search for these critical bits of knowledge from the existing Medicine and Pharmacology material. We have also simplified some commonly asked clinical scenarios so that any student can pick these up easily on the exam day. Mnemonics are simple, interesting and easy to memorize so that the mechanisms of action, adverse effects and treatment can be on your fingertips. Another feature on which we have tried to concentrate is a test to write explanations for clinically relevant and unique side effects. We feel it helps in remembering and recalling when needed in actual clinical practice. The book covers all Pharmacology required to ace any exam at graduate or post-graduate level and especially USMLE Step-1. Literature from the USMLE review books along with other books for the graduate and postgraduate examinations and some selected textbooks of pharmacology have helped us in shaping this book. It is our gift to all hard working medical students who are going through the difficult experience of studying the monster called ?Pharmacology?. We will be thankful to you if you email us about any mistakes, mnemonics or additional drugs for the next editions. Your suggestions and criticism will be highly appreciated. Authors: Syed Abdul Qader Quadri M.D. Clinical Research Assistant, Neurosurgery and Neurointervention Critical Care, Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Colton, California. Mudassir Farooqui Research Medical Officer Department of Paediatrics, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan. CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Zafar, Atif M.D. Sajid Suriya M.D. Shariq Nawab M.D. Ghulam Ishaq Khan M.D. Sanam Anwar M.D. M.Ovais Shamim M.D. M.Habib Zubair M.D. Asad Ikram M.D. M.Junaid Zaheer Fahad Mehmood M.D. khubaib Majid Farah Ghayoor Chughtai M.Waqas Mubashir Saleem TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 BASIC PRINCIPLES OF PHARMACOLOGY 1 CHAPTER 1 General Concepts 3 CHAPTER 2 Pharmacokinetics 17 CHAPTER 3 Pharmacodynamics 33 SECTION 2 AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM PHARMACOLOGY 45 CHAPTER 4 General Considerations 47 CHAPTER 5 Cholinergic Pharmacology 59 CHAPTER 6 Adrenergic Pharmacology 73 CHAPTER 7 Glaucoma and Treatment 85 SECTION 3 CARDIOVASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY 87 CHAPTER 8 The Fundamental Concepts 89 CHAPTER 9 Antiarrhythmic Drugs 95 CHAPTER 10 Anti-Hypertensive Drugs 103 CHAPTER 11 Drugs for Heart Failure 113 CHAPTER 12 Anti-Anginal Drugs 121 CHAPTER 13 Diuretics 125 CHAPTER 14 Anti-Hyperlipidemics 133 SECTION 4 CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 139 CHAPTER 15 Fundamental Concepts 141 CHAPTER 16 Sedatives and Hypnotics 145 CHAPTER 17 Anti-Epileptic Drugs 153 CHAPTER 18 Anesthetics 157 CHAPTER 19 Local Anesthetics 161 CHAPTER 20 Skeletal Muscle Relaxants 165 CHAPTER 21 Opioids 169 CHAPTER 22 Dopamine Pharmacology 175 CHAPTER 23 Anti-Parkinson Drugs 179 CHAPTER 24 Anti-Psychotic Drugs (Neuroleptics) 185 CHAPTER 25 Antidepressant Drugs 189 CHAPTER 26 Drugs of Abuse 197 SECTION 5 GASTROINTESTINAL PHARMACOLOGY 203 CHAPTER 27 Anti-Ulcer Drugs 205 CHAPTER 28 Laxatives 211 CHAPTER 29 Anti-Emetics 213 SECTION 6 ASTHMA, ALLERGY AND RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS 217 CHAPTER 30 Drugs for Allergy and Asthma 219 SECTION 7 INFLAMMATORY DRUGS 227 CHAPTER 31 Musculoskeletal 229 SECTION 8 BLOOD 239 CHAPTER 32 Hematology 241 SECTION 9 ENDOCRINE PHARMACOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 33 Anti Thyroid Pharamacology 253 CHAPTER 34 Insulin and Diabetic Pharmacology 259 CHAPTER 35 Male and Female Reproductive Pharmacology 267 SECTION 10 ANTIBIOTIC DRUGS 277 CHAPTER 36 Antibiotic Drugs 279 CHAPTER 37 Anti-Fungal Agents 299 CHAPTER 38 Anti-Viral Agents 303 CHAPTER 39 Anti-Malarials 313 SECTION 11 ANTI-CANCER AND IMMUNOLOGY 319 CHAPTER 40 Anti-Cancer Drugs 321 CHAPTER 41 Immunology 325 SECTION 12 TOXICOLOGY AND ALTERNATE MEDICINE 333 CHAPTER 42 Toxicology 335 CHAPTER 43 Natural Medicinals 339 SECTION 13 HIGH YIELD IMPORTANT POINTS 341 CHAPTER 44 High Level Review Points of all Drugs 343 CHAPTER 45 Drug Interactions Involving the P-450 System 363 CHAPTER 46 List of Abbreviations 367 Index 377



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