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Pakistan Beauty & Splendour



Author:Irfan Mirza
Book Cover:Hard Cover
Number Of Pages:196
Edition No:2

About the Book

After the runaway success of the first Pakistan Beauty & Splendor coffee-table book published in 2019, Paramount Books now presents its second edition.  A captivating and awe-inspiring account of Pakistan’s unique natural wonders, Pakistan: Beauty and Splendour 2nd Ed presents a splendid collection of 167 captivating images of locations rarely seen and some even unknown. This book invites you on a journey to the quintessential scenic lands, lakes, deserts, meadows and remote mountains of Pakistan. The vivid and breathtaking images of basecamps of the country’s highest peaks, the lush fields of Punjab, the fairytale waterfalls of the Northern region, to the 1050-kilometre coastline – all compiled into a 12×14-inch coffee table book that inspires you through what it shares, each picture speaking a tale only a few can tell. 

About the Author

Irfan Mirza is an “accidental” yet professional travel photographer and adventurer who specializes in capturing evocative images of the world’s beauty. Never having been much of a traveler before, Irfan dates his profound fascination with photography during a business trip to the UK where he had to photograph a product sample. The same business led him to purchase his first camera and then to Las Palmas, Spain where he clicked his first set of unforgettable memories. Upon his return to Pakistan, his desire to look at the world anew through a lens took him back to his hometown in Sialkot where he decided to start his life’s most valuable and exciting pictorial journeys.

Reviews by other Authors

“Irfan Mirza has captured the essence of each region of Pakistan but in such a unique and personal way that the scenes become mythical, even legendary. Compelling landscapes frame historic architecture from the Mughal era and earlier times, stone houses with thatch roofs sit among green terraces on high mountain hillsides, colored boats rest along river banks and bushy date palms form an unlikely juxtaposition fronting barren foothills. In my opinion, every photograph is a masterpiece of composition, color, and ambiance. I now look at Pakistan with renewed admiration and appreciation.”

Dr. Marcella Sirhandi, Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma State University 

 “This book is a spectacular tribute to the glory of Pakistan’s landscapes. Irfan Mirza’s sensitivity to light and shade, nuance and tone, pattern and texture becomes a rare bonus of creativity for his technical mastery of camera, lens, and exposure options. The result is always distinct and dramatic, immersive and breathtaking, suitably so qualitatively produced by Paramount Books.”

Senator (r) Javed Jabbar (Author of Pakistan – Unique Origins; Unique Destiny?)

“His (Irfan Mirza’s) images show great sensitivity to light and shadow and his love of colour … Through his images, he manages to not only capture the incredible geographical diversity of Pakistan but also puts forth his singular vision.” 

Amin Gulgee (International Artist, Sculptor, Director and Curator):

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