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Series Introduction

Children are full of creative energy; introducing them to art at an early age allows them to express themselves while learning with fun. My Creative Club Series, with stickers and a certificate, is a set of 10 drawing and activity books especially designed for young artists. The series progresses from pre-primary and primary to secondary grades with a blend of diverse drawing and art activities that help children in their early education and boost their sense of achievement. With clear instructions, it requires minimum guidance for children to create their art pieces and learn something new every day at home or school.

With step-by-step drawing guides, budding artists will learn to bring their wildest dreams and favourite characters to life, one pencil stroke at a time. But that is just the beginning. This series will also introduce them to a spectrum of artistic techniques, from the mesmerising intricacies of mandala art to the precision of pointillism. Through hands-on experience, children will master the secrets of colour blending, shading, and perspective, becoming true artists.

Our books also delve into the world of crafting, offering a treasure trove of projects that include origami and eco-friendly recycling crafts. With these activities, children will discover the joy of transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary creations. They will develop essential fine motor skills, patience, and problem-solving abilities while having a blast along the way.

My Creative Club Series is not just about fostering artistic talent; it is about nurturing essential life skills. Each project encourages patience, perseverance, and a love for the creative process. So, join us on this extraordinary journey of self-expression and watch as your child’s confidence soars, their creativity flourishes, and their world becomes a canvas of endless possibilities. Let’s create and explore together!

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