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ISBN: 9789696375258
Color: 4
Size: 7″ x 9.5”
BookCover: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 232
Edition No: 5

Key Benefits:

Bedside Techniques: Methods of Clinical Examination is a distinguished book, explaining the causes, symptoms, and physical signs specifically pertaining to the local prevalence of diseases. The sequence of descriptions in this book is under local teaching practices, and the methods have been described in simple language. A large number of illustrations have been included to help the reader understand various examination techniques. This book provides essential information required by undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Elevate Patient Care: Bedside Techniques

Mastering Clinical Skills Made Simple

With the help of our Bedside Techniques guide, discover the secrets of a successful clinical examination. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros, it’s your go-to for elevating patient care.

What’s Inside: Bedside Brilliance

  1. Feel the Difference: Learn hands-on palpation techniques to spot nuances that matter, enhancing your diagnostic finesse.
  2. Tap into Percussion: Master the art of tapping for precise organ boundaries and detecting hidden issues, making your examinations thorough and efficient.
  3. Listen Up: Dive into auscultation mastery to catch subtle sounds and murmurs, ensuring you never miss a beat in patient health.

Why bedside techniques?

Connect Deeper

Establish closer ties with patients by doing thorough bedside examinations. It is important to establish trust and demonstrate your concern in addition to diagnosing problems.

Time-Saving Mastery

Ignore pointless tests. Develop your bedside skills to quickly recognize important signs, simplifying diagnoses and accelerating the start of treatment.

Boost Your Career

Show off your bedside skills to stand out in your field. Bring in more business, elevate your reputation in the industry, and create new opportunities

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