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ISBN: 9789696373827
Color: 4
Size: 5.5”x 8.5”
Book Cover: Paperback
Number of pages: 88

Key Benefits:

The book covers key features of metabolic syndrome, which are usually not addressed while considering overall health status. The goal of writing this book is generally to clarify this concept and spread awareness regarding the rising obesity epidemic worldwide. It covers the spectrum of obesity, from pathophysiology to related disorders such as infertility, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. The general premise of the book begins with an introduction to the concept and moves on to more advanced areas such as the intricate relationship of metabolic syndrome and obesity with overall health, reproductive health, unconventional genetic factors, and challenges for management.

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Investigating state-of-the-art developments and discoveries in Metabolic Syndrome for a healthier futureEMERGING TRENDS IN METABOLIC SYNDROME
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