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Herbs for Longevity and Vitality


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Author: Dr. Mehwish Iqbal
ISBN: 9789692102773
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BookCover: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 144
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In the recent era, people have again started developing an immense interest in natural medicines to prevent and manage their ailments for several reasons, including the high cost of conventional medications, drug resistance, and a minimal range of drugs for certain diseases. The emerging utilization of different herbal medicines from the general public all around the globe has intensified the need to provide more literature regarding their uses and safety evaluations. ‘Herbs for Longevity and Vitality’ is just a little effort to discuss the uses of ten commonly used herbs. There is a vast ground for research and authentic literature in regulatory affairs of herbal medicines in different countries, including Pakistan and this book will provide some basic knowledge regarding herbs and their uses, initiating a chain of literature for giving information about herbal medicines to the general public and healthcare professionals.

Herbs for Longevity and Vitality
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