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Patient Awareness Campaign – Cholesterol (Diet Plan)

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ISBN: 99919342 / 9786273101705
 Color: 4
Size: A4
Number Of Pages: 24 – 48 – 96


Introducing our exclusive Patient Awareness Campaign – Cholesterol (Diet Plan) Tear-Off Pad, a comprehensive and user-friendly resource designed to empower individuals in managing their cholesterol levels through a well-balanced and heart-healthy diet. This tear-off pad is an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and patients alike, providing essential information and practical tips for maintaining a cholesterol-friendly lifestyle.

Key Features:                                                                                                                  

Expert-Approved Diet Plan: Developed by healthcare professionals and nutrition experts, our diet plan is tailored to help individuals make informed food choices that support healthy cholesterol levels.

Visual Aids and Infographics: Enhancing understanding, the tear-off pad incorporates visually appealing infographics to illustrate key concepts. From portion control to food swaps, these visuals aid comprehension and retention of important dietary information.

Educational Content: In addition to the diet plan, the tear-off pad includes educational content on cholesterol, its impact on heart health, and lifestyle modifications that complement dietary changes. Empower your audience with knowledge that goes beyond just the plate.

Custom Branding: Personalize the tear-off pad with the branding elements of pharmaceutical companies, reinforcing your commitment to patient education and well-being. It’s an excellent promotional tool to showcase your dedication to holistic healthcare.

Language Localization: A translated version of the tear-off pad in various languages is available upon request. This facilitates global outreach and enables pharmaceutical companies to extend their educational initiatives to diverse communities.


This series is available for the Pharmaceutical Industry only.

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