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Smart Flash Cards-Numbers 1-20


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Author: Shama Zain
ISBN: 9789692109017
Series: Smart Flash Cards
Level: Pre-Primary
Book Cover: Kit Box
Number Of Pages: 64

Key Benefits:

Smart Flash Cards-Numbers 1-20 is part of an interactive series ideal for the early learning of children at school or home. The flash cards are designed to encourage learning and recognition of numbers in words and numerals with engaging pictures. It has 32 durable, double-sided flash cards with counting practice and wipe-clean activities, including marker, to reinforce learning, develop hand-eye coordination and visual recognition.

Key Features:

  • with wipe-clean activities, including a marker
  • 32 double-sided cards

ideal for early-level education

About the series:

Introducing Smart Flash Cards: an interactive series of 11 sets for early learning at home or school. Each set covers alphabet, huroof-e-tahajji, phonics, and numbers with engaging visuals and age-appropriate vocabulary. Each set includes 32 durable flashcards with wipe-clean activities and a marker, aiding learning, coordination, and visual recognition. Smart Flash Cards: building essential language skills for everyday use.

Enhance Learning with Interactive Flashcards

Unleash the potential of learning with our Smart Flash Cards-Numbers 1-20 Dive into an immersive educational experience designed to make learning numbers an engaging journey for learners of all ages

Accelerated Learning

Embark on a journey of accelerated learning as you explore the world of numbers from 1 to 20. Our Smart Flash Cards utilize innovative techniques to expedite the learning process, helping learners grasp numerical concepts with ease.

Interactive Engagement

Immerse yourself in interactive learning experiences with our Smart Flash Cards. Gone are the days of passive learning – our cards encourage active engagement, turning study sessions into dynamic activities

Smart Flash Cards-Numbers 1-20Smart Flash Cards-Numbers 1-20
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