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ISBN: 9789692106863
Color: 2
Size: 8.25” x 11”
BookCover: Paperback
Number of pages: 232
Edition No: 4

Key Benefits:

This book primarily targets students and trainee doctors as its primary audience. However, I am hopeful that it will also be useful to higher-level or specialist trainees in psychiatry and individuals from other disciplines such as psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, counselors, and legal specialists. I considered it essential that this book include the most current information on psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. As one reads through Tareen’s Understanding Psychiatry, one can feel the patiently delivered guidance from the professor. The student is taken by the hand and calmly led through the complex labyrinth of the field of psychiatry.

Unravel the Complexities of the Mind with Tareen’s Understanding Psychiatry

Dive into the World of Mental Health

Take Tareen’s Understanding Psychiatry on a transforming journey into the complexity of the human mind. This extensive manual provides priceless insights into a range of mental health issues. It also gives you the capacity to comprehend yourself and your loved ones more fully.

Learn the intricacies of mood changes, anxiety disorders, and cognitive functions. Additionally, develop the ability to make your way through the maze of your ideas and emotions. In the end, this will promote emotional health and self-awareness.

Expertly Crafted Content for Easy Comprehension

Tareen’s Understanding Psychiatry stands out for its approachable treatment of difficult psychological ideas. This book, written by top authorities in the area, simplifies complex theories into material that is easy to understand and relevant. As a result, you may put an end to publications that are overly technical and welcome a resource that speaks your language.

Navigate chapters without difficulty. Each paragraph aims to be clear and to offer knowledge that can be put to use. Additionally, this book is your entryway to a more knowledgeable viewpoint, whether you’re a student, professional, or someone who just has an inquisitive mind concerning mental health.

Empower Yourself with Practical Strategies

Beyond education, this manual arms you with useful tactics for overcoming mental health difficulties. Learn coping strategies, mindfulness practices, and advice on building resilience. Take charge of your mental health and start on a route to a happier, healthier self by using the resources at your disposal.

The depth of knowledge in psychiatry is represented by a figure in a meditative position surrounded by a network of interrelated ideas and brain synapses, in Tareen's opinion.TAREEN’S UNDERSTANDING PSYCHIATRY
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