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ISBN: 9789696374596
Color: 4
Size: 8.25”x 11”
BookCover: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 328
Edition No: 2

Key Benefits:

Wadood’s Textbook of Microscopic Anatomy, second edition, provides readers with a succinct but thorough examination of the histological structures found in a variety of bodily tissues and organs. This version skillfully combines current developments with useful applications. To improve understanding, we thoughtfully summarize key topics in a tabulated format. The majority of microscopic structures are meticulously illustrated by the author. Additionally, vividly sketched color diagrams offer further clarity on the subject matter. Notably, select references are drawn from both the Holy Qur’an and Hadith, enriching the depth of understanding.

Mastering Microscopic Anatomy

Enter the Mysterious World of Muscle Fibers

Uncover the hidden realms of life with our textbook of  microscopic anatomy. This section immerses you in the mesmerizing universe of cells. From the intricacies of organelles to the dance of molecules, every page is a journey into the heart of life’s building blocks. Feel the wonder of realizing life at its most basic level. Explore the secrets that lie within each cell. Discover the smallest wonders of life by investigating molecules, organelles, and more.

Navigating Tissues and Systems

Embark on a visual odyssey through the tissues and systems that compose the human body. Our textbook on microscopic anatomy provides unparalleled insights into the harmonious symphony of organs and tissues, revealing their interplay in sustaining life. Look at how beautiful biological architecture is. Travel through organs and tissues as well to experience the symphony that keeps life alive. Uncover the beauty of biological architecture at last.
Clinical Insights and Diagnostic Precision

Improve your medical knowledge by using clinical knowledge gained from microscopic anatomy. You will leave this section with the knowledge necessary to perform accurate diagnostics. With our textbook, you will be able to interpret cellular anomalies and understand disease markers to make knowledgeable medical decisions. Empower your medical journey with insights for precise diagnostics. Decode disease markers and anomalies to make informed decisions. Additionally, journey through tissues and organs, witnessing the symphony that sustains life. Finally, unravel the elegance of biological architecture.

Microscopic Anatomy: A Close-up View of Cellular Structures and TissuesTEXTBOOK OF MICROSCOPIC ANATOMY
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