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Textbook of Obstetrics


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Textbook of Obstetrics
Author: Dr. Razia Iftikhar
ISBN: 9789692109185
Level: None
BookCover: None
Number Of Pages: 260
Volume Number 0
Number Of Volumes 0
Edition No: 2nd

The 21st century has a different objective-early pathogenesis aiming at early treatment and prevention in the individual patient. This requires closing the gap between basic science and clinical medicine. There is evidence that Obstetrics and Gynaecology are more affected than most specialist fields. Textbook of Obstetrics 2nd Ed. has been written keeping in view the same fact. It is primarily aimed at undergraduate medical students but will also be of value to general practitioners, women’s health specialists, family planning doctors, lady health visitors, midwives and nurses. Keeping the current curriculum as the basic reference, it covers key topics relating to obstetrics and has been kept abreast with the recent advances in prenatal diagnosis, caesarean section and vaginal delivery after caesarean section, long-acting contraceptive methods, genital screening, sexual health and new surgical techniques. As a study guide or for clinical practice, the second edition of Textbook of Obstetrics is concise and easy to read.

Textbook of Obstetrics
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