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ISBN: 9789692105606
BookCover: Paperback
Color: 2
Size: 5.5″ x 5.8″
Number of pages: 656
Edition No: 6

This edition is exclusively sold by Paramount Books (Pvt.) Ltd., in Pakistan only. All Elsevier titles on this website are special Pakistan editions; the sale of these editions outside Pakistan is unauthorized.

Key Benefits:

Concise, targeted, and interesting resources for quick reference and exam review have been offered to students and practitioners in all areas of health care for more than 30 years by the well-known Secrets Series®. The sixth edition of Cardiology Secrets provides current, relevant information on all the key subjects in this ever-evolving field. With its well-known question-and-answer format, lists, tables, pearls, memory aids, and an approachable style, this well-respected resource makes inquiry, reference, and review quick, simple, and pleasurable.

Cardiology Secrets: Elevate Your Heart Health

Unveiling Smart Heart Monitoring

Welcome to Cardiology Secrets, the place where heart health is our primary concern. Discover the simplicity of real-time alerts and updates with smart heart monitoring. With its continuous ECG monitoring, intelligent notifications, and user-friendly app for stress-free health tracking, this gadget goes above and beyond the typical. It is your portable health partner, not just a monitor.

Fashion Meets Functionality

Cardiology Secrets will help you say goodbye to bulky health devices and hello to style. This stylish wearable is made for the trend-forward person who values heart health. It is lightweight, thin, and easily adjustable to fit into your daily routine. Elevate your style while keeping your heart in check with this high-resolution display and sleek design.

Holistic Heart Wellness Insights

Cardiology Secrets is your all-encompassing health partner, not just a monitor. Explore in-depth heart insights covering everything from stress management to sleep tracking. You stay on course to meet your fitness objectives thanks to your daily activity summaries. Let Cardiology Secrets serve as your road map to a more robust and joyful heart.

An illustration of a stethoscope that represents Cardiology Secrets, providing undiscovered information for the best possible heart healthCARDIOLOGY SECRETS
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