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Author: S. M. HANEEF
ISBN: 9789692100410
Color: 4
Size: 8.25” x 11”
BookCover: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 668
Edition No: 6

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The Textbook of Paediatrics is published by the Pakistan Paediatric Association (PPA). It serves as the exclusive representative body for all postgraduately qualified child specialists in Pakistan. Founded in 1965, its mission is to promote the optimal health, growth, and development of children in Pakistan, regardless of their diverse backgrounds. It also strives to advocate for their protection from vaccine-preventable diseases, child abuse, and neglect. PPA is dedicated to promoting research in the field of child health and advancing the ongoing professional development of pediatricians. It publishes a quarterly Pakistan Pediatrics Journal, a textbook of Paediatrics, other books related to specialties, newsletters, and policy papers.

Textbook of Paediatrics: A Comprehensive Guide for Medical Students

In-Depth Medical Knowledge Made Accessible

Dive into the world of paediatrics with our meticulously crafted textbook. This comprehensive resource provides medical students with a wealth of essential information, covering a range of topics from neonatal care to adolescent medicine. Each chapter is brimming with up-to-date research, case studies, and clinical insights. This book breaks down complicated ideas into easily understood illustrations and explanations so that you can easily understand every aspect.

Practical Application in Real-World Scenarios

Illustrated textbook of Paediatrics

Equip yourself with the skills needed to excel in clinical practice. This textbook bridges the knowledge gap between application and theory, not only theory. You’ll discover useful advice, detailed instructions, and practical methods that enable you to give pediatric patients the best treatment possible. This book is your go-to resource whether you’re studying in class or relaxing by the bed.

Nurturing Compassionate and Competent Healthcare Professionals

Textbook of  Paediatrics

This textbook highlights the value of empathy and communication in pediatric care in addition to medical knowledge. Learn how to build trust with young patients and their families, and discover the art of delivering sensitive information with compassion. This textbook highlights the value of empathy and communication in pediatric care in addition to medical knowledge.

Pediatric Textbook Cover with Colorful Illustrations and Extensive Medical ContentTEXTBOOK OF PAEDIATRICS
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