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ISBN: 9789692104173
Color: 4
Size: 7” x 9.5”
BookCover: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 336
Edition No: 4

Key Benefits:

The author wrote Human Embryology with the intent of making the subject easily understandable for medical and dental students. The book presents explanations of the intricate developmental processes in a plain and concise manner. It provides a description of the normal development of organs and organ systems along with an account of the clinical correlates, including the major congenital anomalies of the concerned organs and organ systems. Additionally, it simplifies the description of molecular regulation in development.  This book contains more than 500 colored illustrations, sketches, and diagrams that facilitate and augment the comprehension of the text material.

Embark on the Journey of Life with Human Embryology

Embark on the journey:

Begin your exploration of the miraculous process of human embryology with our meticulously curated collection. Firstly, gain insight into the fascinating fusion of gametes. Then, witness the gradual development of complex organ systems. From cell division to organogenesis, every step is a marvel. Explore the complexities of embryonic development in greater detail as specialized tissues and cell types arise. Examine the amazing changes that created the basis for human existence. Uncover the mysteries of how genes orchestrate this symphony of growth and change.

Educational Excellence: A Gateway to Expertise

Unlock Expertise:

We provide resources on human embryology for students at every skill level. There is something for everyone, regardless of experience level in the medical field or level of interest.
Firstly, delve into our richly detailed diagrams. Next, interact with our informative animations. Lastly, absorb the knowledge from our expertly crafted explanatory content. Elevate your understanding and set yourself apart in your field.

Inspire the Future of Medicine

Igniting Passion:

With our fascinating resources on human embryology, kindle curiosity. These resources simplify complex concepts and were specifically created with educators in mind. Motivate aspiring scientists to investigate the mysteries of life. Encourage a lifelong love of the biological sciences and motivate the upcoming generation of medical innovators.

Illustration of a developing human embryo, showing the stages of early growth and formation.HUMAN EMBRYOLOGY
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