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ISBN: 9789692105590
Color 4
Size  5.5” x 8.5”
Book Cover Paperback
Number of pages: 256
Edition No: 2

This edition is exclusively sold by Paramount Books (Pvt.) Ltd. in Pakistan only. All Elsevier titles on this website are special Pakistan editions; the sale of these editions outside Pakistan is unauthorized.

Key Benefits:

Concise, targeted, and interesting resources for quick reference and exam review have been offered to students and practitioners in all areas of health care for more than 30 years by the well-respected Secrets Series. The second edition of Hypertension Secrets provides current, relevant coverage of all the key subjects in this ever-evolving field. This well-respected resource includes the well-known question-and-answer format from the Secrets along with lists, tables, pearls, memory aids, and an approachable style that make research, reference, and review quick, simple, and pleasurable. Completely updated and revised, with protocols and guidelines that increasingly dictate best practices and are always changing. It is simple to carry around for on-the-go quick reference or review due to its portable size.

Hypertension Secrets: Your Path to a Healthy Heart

Dive Into Health

Crack the Code on Hypertension

Learn the cause of your high blood pressure and take charge of your well-being. Get educated about lifestyle impacts and hidden triggers to guard against this sneaky threat.

Wellness Made Easy

Eat Smart for a Happy Heart

Look through delicious, heart-healthy recipes and dietary advice. Change the way you eat to better your heart and general health.

Move for a Strong Heart

Take pleasure in heart-tightening activities, ranging from simple routines to vigorous workouts. Boost your vitality and take control of your fitness.

Stress-Free Living

Find Peace in Every Breath

Acquire skills for relieving stress and practicing mindfulness. Practice mindfulness to create a peaceful haven.

Holistic Healing Hub

Find natural ways to enhance medical interventions. Discover a comprehensive toolkit for controlling hypertension, including meditation and herbal remedies.

Uncover the secrets of naturally controlling hypertensionHYPERTENSION SECRETS
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