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ISBN: 9789696376972
Color: 4
Size: 25’’ x 36’’
BookCover: Plastic Laminated
Number Of Pages: 1
Edition No: 3

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Key Benefits:

This 3rd edition of Pharmacological Drug Classification revealed the latest chemicals on the market for treating human body diseases. We have introduced many new classifications in this latest edition, such as blood disease management, dermatological drugs, and many more. This chart is very helpful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biomedical sciences, and physiotherapy.

Explore the world of pharmaceuticals with our pharmacological classification chart!

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Dive into the intricate world of pharmaceuticals with our Pharmacological Classification Chart, designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience. Unravel the complexities of drug classes and their interactions, providing you with a solid foundation in pharmacology. This chart can help you understand the relationships between various drug categories whether you are a student, this chart serves as your guide to understanding the relationships between different drug categories

Unlock key insights into how various drugs work within the body, their mechanisms of action, and the therapeutic effects they produce. Our chart breaks down the vast pharmacological landscape into easily digestible sections, making it a valuable tool for academic study, reference, and continued learning.

Visual Aid for Quick Reference

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, quick access to information is crucial. Our pharmacological classification chart acts as a visual aid for rapid reference, allowing you to locate and comprehend drug classifications at a glance. The visually appealing design enhances your learning experience, turning complex data into an accessible and engaging format.

Easily browse the chart to locate the data you require for your coursework or professional practice. The user-friendliness of the interface improves with color-coded categories and clear labels, making even the most intricate details easily understandable

Stay Updated with the Latest Trends

The field of pharmacology is dynamic, with new drugs and classifications emerging regularly. Our chart is not static; it evolves with the industry. Stay updated with the latest trends and additions to the pharmacological landscape. We understand the importance of staying current in the ever-evolving world of medicine, and our chart is designed to grow with you.

Regular updates ensure that you’re equipped with the most recent information, making this chart a valuable investment for continuous learning and professional development. Stay ahead in your studies or practice with a resource that adapts to the dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical field

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