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MEDICAL ONCOLOGY: Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy Protocols


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Author: Arifa Aziz
ISBN: 9786273101903
Color 2
Size 4.25 x 7 inches
Number Of Pages: 362
Edition No: FOURTH edition

About the Book

Medical Oncology: Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy Protocols aims to offer a clinically relevant source of knowledge for chemotherapy protocols and safe administration of cytotoxic drugs. Serving as a quick reference guide to chemotherapy protocols, their dose calculation, common side effects, and the duration of administration of cytotoxic drugs, it caters to oncology fellows, residents, medical officers, pharmacists, and nurses.

This book continues to attract national and international audiences and provides medical oncologists, hematologists, oncology surgeons, and radiation oncologists with most of the currently available information required for the therapy of adult cancer patients. This is the only chemotherapy protocol book that was written and introduced in Pakistan. The current fourth edition provides the readers with the most recent and updated chemotherapy practices.


About the Author

Dr. Arifa Aziz, currently a staff medical officer and supervisor at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan, holds over thirty-five years of clinical experience in medicine and oncology. Having completed her MBBS from Sindh Medical College, Karachi, she has worked on various clinical audits and research projects aimed at enhancing services, monitoring chemotherapy administration delays, and ensuring the safe and timely administration of chemotherapeutic drugs with reduced financial burden on patients. Her contributions have led to increased patient safety and satisfaction, with her research papers and audits featured in peer-reviewed international journals.


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MEDICAL ONCOLOGY: Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy Protocols
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